International Ladies Hunting Conference in Becej
5 September 2017

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On August 25-27, 2017, the 5th International Ladies Hunting Conference and Ladies Ball were held in Becej, Serbia, supported by the CIC.

A record number of lady hunters from eight countries attended the activities of the conference. The traditional three-day event was attended by a total of 89 ladies from eight countries – Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and the host country, Serbia. 

CIC Director General, Tamás Marghescu, and Provincial Secretary for Agriculture of Vojvodina, Vuk Radojevic, with his assistant, also participated in the event.

The 5th International Ladies Hunting Conference was organized by the Damski lovački klub Bečej (Ladies Hunting Club of Becej), and was led by the well-known huntress Mrs. Sanja Momčilović-Bognič.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss different hunting methods in different countries, and to share best practices in the framework of  scientific lectures on various topics.  Deputy Chairman of the Hunting Federation of Vojvodina, prof. Dr Miloš Beuković, gave a lecture on the problem of the decreasing number of rabbits in Serbia; member of the Board of LSS and President of the LU, Jovan Šerbanović from Žagubica, and doc. Dr. Branislav-Bane Živković talked about the population of wolves and hunts for this exclusive wildlife in Serbia, particularly in the Homolje region. Both lectures were substantiated with a exact data and photos. 

It is now a tradition that within the Conference, in addition to the professional part, outdoor activities are held which makes the event even more joyful. A successful group of quail hunts was organized, where the ladies hunted, and the gentlemen assisted and guided the group of ladies with dogs. For many huntresses, this attractive hunt was their first opportunity in life to hunt quail.

At the closing of the Conference, the Damski Ball was held in the imaginative ambience of the restaurant, where guests were also invited bringing the total number of participants to more than a hundred. Lady hunters wore festive costumes from their home country making the scene truly impressive. 

The support for the conference was provided by the Hunting Association of Vojvodina (LSV); the Kennel Association of Serbia and its Secretary, Mohamed Al Dagestani; as well as the Kinological Association of Vojvodina. There was also assistance received from the local government and, of course, from fellow hunters (both domestic and international) in the field in the preparation and execution of hunts.

After the success of the event, it is clear that the International Hunting Conference organized by the Bečej Ladies Hunting Club has become a matter of prestige not only for ladies, but also for others in the hunting profession. The International Conference in Bečej has gone beyond the borders of Serbia and has become well-known in a European context.


  1. Miranda says:

    I am Miranda Imeri, student from Kosovo. Acually I study in Szent Istvan University in Godollo, Hungary. Wildlife Conservation. I am interesting to create one relation with my country and Hungary for Hunting. I saw how CIC is supporting ladys in hunting and also Kosovo girls are intersting on this field. PLease let me know what can i do .. or is there any possibilty


    Miranda Imeri

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