Markhor Award 2018 – Call for nominations
06 February 2018

It has been more than a year since the Markhor Award was last presented – for the 5th time – in December 2016 in Cancún, Mexico. This marked the first time in the award’s history that the event was live streamed, receiving a lot of positive publicity and feedback. The winner of the prize, also for the first time in the award’s history, was from the private sector: the Savé Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe, which is a role model to the private sector implementing a comprehensive community participation and conservation development program. Showing the value of this award, CBD Executive Secretary, Dr. Braulio Dias – as one of his last acts of his mandate – handed the prize over to the winners. Since the first award was handed over to an African transboundary wildlife conservation project in 2008, community-based projects in Africa and Asia have won the prize and were very proud of having this international recognition for their on-the-ground efforts.

The preparations of the upcoming, 14th Conference of Parties (COP) to the CBD in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt have already started. The COP will be in November 2018, and the CIC and its partners aim to organize an even more prominent event to celebrate the 6th Markhor Award.

The CIC needs your help in finding excellent candidates for the prize. Please see the eligibility criteria following the link and if you think of an appropriate applicant and let the CIC Headquarters know about it with a short, maximum one page, descriptive justification for the nomination. Call_for_nominations_eligibility

The CIC Markhor Award honors a conservation project of multinational relevance that links the conservation of biodiversity and human livelihoods through application of sustainable use principles. The Markhor Award is granted every two years at the occasion of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), highlighting sustainable use as the second pillar of the Convention.

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