George Aman calls for unity!
15 February 2018

The President of the CIC, George Aman delivered his opening speech today at the 25th Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition (FeHoVa) , which is taking place in Budapest, Hungary from February 15 until February 18, 2018

George Aman underlined the need for hunters to unite their forces and find the ways and means to better prepare themselves to represent our heritage, hunting.

“I’m glad that Hungary has agreed that they will be ground breakers in institutionalizing the payment of One Euro per hunter to the cause of international lobbying for wildlife and hunting. This is a pioneering act which can change the rules of the game completely, and will enable us to be taken seriously.” – he added.

One way in which the CIC decided to contribute to the recognition of Hungary in the global world of hunting, is that the CIC chose the 25th anniversary of FeHoVa as the gathering point for the CIC Executive Committee Meeting which was held on the grounds of HUNGEXPO today. Distinguished visitors from many countries in the world have joined for this meeting and to experience what FeHoVa has to offer.

The “One euro per hunter” initiative calls for joint financial action, meaning that if every hunter and huntress in the world gave just one euro, the hunting lobby would have 30 million euros available annually, which could be reasonably and effectively invested in the conservation of wildlife and hunting.

The President also reminded the audience that there are some battles to fight in defending what hunting is really about.

“In our view, the captive breeding of lions for the purpose of getting a trophy has doubtful value to the conservation of lions in the wild, and thus, the taking of these captive-bred animals is not consistent with the CIC’s ethical principles. Therefore, the CIC invites all national and international hunting organizations and associations to join us in condemning the practice of so called “Canned Lion Shooting” or “Captive Bred Lion Shooting”; The CIC is requesting the management of FEHOVA to ascertain that FEHOVA is not the place where captive bred lion hunts are offered for sale.”


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