Community engagement and hunting – Interview with the Director of NACSO
14 March 2018

The hunting community has long recognized that hunting brings value to wildlife and that value increases the likelihood that communities living with those species will want to participate in wildlife conservation. Maxi Louis from Namibia explained how NACSO uses hunting as a ‘rural develoment programne’ in its work to support community-based conservation and gave some specific examples of communities that have benefitted from participating in hunting programs. The Director of NACSO also said in aconference “Keep Calm and Let Africa Take the Lead! The EU-Africa Dialogue: supporting communities in wildlife conservation” that they need help to deal with international poaching cartels. From the video below, one can get an insight of how NACSO works with hunting concessions to help support community-based conservation of wildlife and to fight poaching.

Interview with Maxi Pia Louis, Director of the Namibian Association of Community Based Natural Resource Management Support Organisations, NACSO

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