Hunting: Facts or Fables? – Conference program is now online
23 March 2018

The interesting program of the 65th General Assembly of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation in Madrid, Spain is now online!

The conference sessions taking place across two days include: Information keynote on “Bushmeat – what is that?”; Panel discussions on “Sustainable meat – Facts or Fables”, and on“Facts or Fables: the wolf beyond Little Red Riding Hood”; there will be updates from Brussels on the new lead restrictions; discussions on migratory birds and more…

Keep an eye out for further exciting announcements coming soon – including Opening and Closing Ceremony, keynote speeches , and speakers.

65th General Assembly of the CIC

Members, and various stakeholders, including governments, international organizations, the scientific and academic communities, will come together to listen to the invited friends and opponents of hunting and to openly discuss and deliberate the aspects of hunting, which are under attack. It might be that ignorance on both sides is what is fueling the battle around hunting.

“The hunting community must be self critical, and look at itself from the outside in order to see where it can improve the practices and image of hunting. Agreement is not necessarily sought, as agreement can be a very personal thing, but understanding and acceptance of the facts and dismantling of the fables is necessary. We will use this time together in Madrid to stand up for the conservation of nature through sustainable use and ask: is it a FACT or is it a FABLE?” – George Aman, President of the CIC

For more information on the 65th General Assembly, including full program, please visit  the official website of the event.

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