The Romanian Bear Problem Seems to be Resolved
21 June 2018

At the end of April 2018, the Romanian Ministry of the Environment adopted a draft action plan for the brown bear population. This action plan is part of a European LIFE project (BEAR LIFE), developed by the Romanian Forestry and Research Institute.

Members of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), most importantly the representatives of General Association of Romanian Hunters and Anglers (AGVPS), CIC Vice President Dr. Árpád Sárkány, Benke József member of the CIC, Ovidiu Ionescu CIC Expert and Valeriu Bolgiu, the Head of the CIC Romanian Delegation as well as the representation of CIC’s sister organization, the European Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation (FACE), were actively involved in the working group, which developed the final form of the action plan. The action plan identified 4 regions based on the density of the bear population, taking into account the damage caused, and states that hunting is a way of restoring optimum headcount in areas where the stock is overburdened. This means that the stock is regulated by hunting, based on the hunting methods described in hunting laws. The principle that CIC endorses (sustainable use) now strongly predominates thanks to the work of the listed people.

Furthermore, the CIC, FACE and the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) contributed through the Large Carnivores Platform, and CIC gave this topic high priority on the agenda of our General Assembly in Madrid this year, not to mention the bilateral lunch, which was organized between the European Commission, the President of Nordic Hunters and the President of the Finnish Hunters’ Association.

Mr. Sárkány Árpád participated with the other members of the Romanian CIC delegation at the public hearing in the Romanian Parliament and at the public debate organized for the press. On the 23rd of May, the Romanian Parliament accepted the modification of Law no. 49/2011, par. 38 which states that the Romanian Ministry of Environment- in compliance with the requirements of the EU Environmental Protection Directive- should mandatory approve each year an intervention quota for wildlife stock.

We believe that this law will assure the solution in the short- and medium term for solving the problems stemming from the overgrowth of wildlife stock.

The hunters as stakeholders in the process had a major role in the creation of the large carnivore management plan in Romania and they are looking forward that all participating stakeholders politically support the approval of the plan by the Ministry of Environment and then collaborate in its implementation.


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