“One with Nature” logo revealed
10 September 2018

Putnok, Hungary hosted the Hungarian National Hunting Day last weekend, where amongst other activities the official logo of the 2021 World Nature Expo, titled “One with Nature” was presented to the audience.

In his speech, Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Zsolt Semjén highlighted that the organization of The World Nature and Hunting Exhibition 2021 relies on 3 pillars: the construction of the venues in Hungary, the international events and conferences, and the national events. 

Count József Károlyi, the Government Commissioner responsible for the exhibition, underlined that “Foresters, farmers, rational thinkers, and hunters, those who live together with nature and understand its rhythm, understand that there is a need for human intervention in today’s overcivilized world. When these people carry out their work in a sustainable manner, they are one with nature.” Therefore, hunters, fishermen, foresters, farmers, and nature conservationists are jointly organizing the 2021 event. “The World Expo in 2021 aims to show the world that – unlike what many people believe – the sustainable use of nature by humans through various means, including hunting, is legitimate, useful, and necessary for our survival and for the sustenance of biodiversity.”

The hymn and logo of the 2021 event symbolize man’s responsibility for nature. Count Károlyi concluded “Man has the knowledge, the will, and the power to protect the plants and animals of the forest, the fish of the water, and the birds of the air, but at the same time can utilize them with pure and sober responsibility.”

The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) is the patron of the exhibition and advises the Commissioner’s office locally and internationally.


  1. Bruce Lamarche says:

    Wonderful ! Good luck ! We shall come in 2021 !

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