Hunting by muzzleloaders became fully legal in Hungary
11 January 2019

“Effective from 11 January 2019 the usage of muzzleloaders at individual and social (driven) hunt are also became legal in Hungary by the change of 1996/LV law for the protection of game, game management and hunting.

Balázs Németh (President of Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association) welcomes the full legalization. However individual hunting by muzzleloaders had become legal from 1 July 2016, but the usage of these firearms were prohibited at driven hunt. Now, we are regarded equals as the fellow-hunters that use modern firearms – he said.

Modern firearms give the advantage to shoot over a much longer range, meanwhile muzzleloaders restrict us to a much shorter distance. Furthermore, as the loading is more time-consuming process, we have to be even more careful when stalking. These demand a stealthy approach where the natural elements play a bigger role. It is this aspect of hunting by muzzleloaders that awakes the passion of some hunters decide to take up this traditional hunting device – Balázs Németh said.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us, and we thank Zsolt Semjén Deputy Prime Minister and President of Hungarian Hunters’ National Association, as well as Balázs Győrffy member of parliament and President of Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture for supporting us, and for encouraging every traditional hunting methods from bowhunting to falcory.

Hungarian Blackpowder Shooters and Hunters Association”

Legal status of blackpowder hunting in the European Union

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