“Hunting in Art” Prize, 2020 – Submit your artwork now, for a chance to win €700!

We are currently taking submissions for the 2020, CIC “Hunting in Art” Prize.

The theme for this year’s competition is “Hunters and Biodiversity: sketching biodiversity through cartoons.”

We are looking for artwork that depicts hunters and their contribution to biodiversity, shown through the lens of cartoons/comics. (Please note that we are looking for illustrations only – submissions that include any text will not be considered.)

The aim of this competition is to promote the values of the CIC, as well as to showcase the work of hunters and how it can benefit nature and biodviersity.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2020.

Please note that we are accepting artworks from all applicants, regardless of location, so we encourage you to send us your art!

Applicants are welcome to submit multiple artworks to the “Hunting in Art” Prize, and we recommend that all submissions are signed by the original artist.

Selection of winners & Prize money

The best submissions will be put be put on display at the CIC General Assembly in Riga (13-17 May, 2020). Attendees will then vote on their favourite piece of artwork.

The winner, along with second and third place, will be announced at the closing ceremony of the General Assembly.

1st prize: 700 EUR

2nd prize: 500 EUR

3rd prize: 300 EUR


How to apply

Please send your art piece to office@cic-wildlife.org

We will be accepting digitally created artworks, or you may submit scanned copies of hand drawn art (A4 size, min. 150dpi resolution)


General Rules

  • All correspondence will be by email only, exclusively in English, French or German;
  • All participants must sign and send in the “Acknowledgment of Rules“ as stated hereafter.
  • All drawings/illustrations and other documents sent in will be retained by the CIC but without any rights of the participants to such retention.
  • Prize winning drawings/illustrations will be exhibited at the CIC museum in Palárikovo, Slovakia or at the Headquarters in Budakeszi, Hungary.
  • The copyright of all drawings/illustrations remains the property of the artist, with the provision that:
  1. Participants declare to agree that the participating drawings/illustrations may be used by the CIC in all its publications, including websites, exhibitions and for the benefit of the organisation or to support the CIC’s statutory goals while mentioning the artist’s name at no charge;
  2. The CIC cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent reproduction by a third party of the selected drawings/illustrations published in the above-mentioned documents;
  3. All legal proceedings are governed by Austrian law and by the courts in Vienna, the legal seat of the CIC.
  4. All legal claims with respect to procedure and the awards excluded.

For more information please contact the CIC Headquarters.

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