Botswana Responds to the UK Trophy Consultation
03 March 2020

It is Botswana’s considered view that any measures that would impose restrictions or ban the import of hunting trophies into the United Kingdom (UK) should take into account the interests of those most affected by the proposed ban of hunting trophies.” – Hon. Philda N. Kereng, Minister for Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism

In a statement made on 2 March, 2020, the Republic of Botswana’s Minister for Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, urged the UK Government to consider the views of stakeholder countries when reviewing a potential ban on the movement of trophies.

The UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recently concluded a consultation on the controls that govern the import and export of hunting trophies.

Hon. Philda N. Kereng suggested that DEFRA’s process should be “all-inclusive,” with the use of the “best available scientific evidence and information.”

The Government of Botswana offered to provide DEFRA with the appropriate evidence that demonstrates the importance of hunting as a conservation strategy.

The statement also included information on the prevailing state of hunting in Botswana, and the potential impact of a ban.

Botswana lifted its moratorium on hunting in 2019, citing an increase in human wildlife conflict and the loss of benefits to rural communities. It is stated that Botswana “seeks to maximise its natural resources for the benefit of wildlife conservation and community livelihoods.”

Hon. Philda N. Kereng concluded by asking for the continued support of the United Kingdom, suggesting that “it is incomprehensible that the UK would seek to undermine our conservation strategy.”

The CIC is in full support of Botswana’s Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, and would like to encourage other countries that would also be affected by the UK’s actions to present their views on the consultation.

Source: Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism press release

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