George Aman calls for action
9 February 2017

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President of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, George Aman spoke at the BJV annual reception yesterday in Germany.

The president of the CIC expressed his concerns regarding the recent decisions of international conventions of the United Nations, and the movements of the animal rights’ activists; “animal rights organizations use emotional arguments, which put hunting more and more on the sidelines… not even mentioning their connections to commercialized vegan movements, and these acts make us worried about the world.”

He added But what is the main difference between the anti-hunting lobby and the hunters’ community? It is the unity!Furthermore, George Aman highlighted that in order to succeed, there is a need not only to mobilize hunters in order to be more active, but to finance strategic communication and marketing. “We, the hunters, must better organize ourselves and ally.” 

He stated clear, the CIC is fighting for all hunters in order to avert decisions affecting hunting, and to be best represent the interest of the hunting community, but we should not forget that in this battle the ammunition is a must.

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