3rd Annual International Trophy Evaluation
15 February 2018

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The CIC Headquarters hosted its 3rd Annual International Trophy Evaluation in Budakeszi, Hungary on 14 February 2018.

Three Senior International Trophy Judges (STJs) were invited to evaluate trophies which have the potential to gain international recognition with the CIC International Gold Medal and Certificate. Dr. Tibor Lebocky (SK), Nicolo Amosso (IT), and Cosmin Maris (RO) evaluated fallow deer, roe deer, and red deer trophies from Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Denmark.

The annual event was followed by a live demonstration of the CIC’s trophy evaluation methods at the FeHoVa in Budapest to educate the public on the characteristics of the trophies which contribute to the overall scoring–not just size!

The live demonstration can be watched online on the Facebook page of the CIC.

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