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Debunking the Myths: What you’ve always wanted to know about “trophy hunting”

The term “trophy hunting” is misleading and fails to represent many of the intricacies, realities, and scientific foundations associated with well-managed, sustainable hunting. In this series, we look at myths perpetuated by organizations whose primary interest is to end this proven wildlife management, conservation and livelihood activity. While often an emotional issue, here we present the facts associated with international hunting and its conservation and livelihood outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the associated travel interruptions worldwide are playing out as a real-life example of the devastation that any ban on international hunting and the import or export of hunting trophies would have on wildlife and communities.

In this series of infographics, we share substantiated truths on the merits of international hunting, underpinned by real-life examples and scientific data.

The full series is available for free in brochure form, and can be downloaded through the following link.