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The “1 Euro per Hunter” project is an intiative of the CIC aimed at stemming and reversing the current trend of increasing and unrelenting attacks on hunting. Without action, hunters will continue to face more restrictions and ultimately complete bans on hunting if resources are not mobilized against those looking to undermine us. Many of the individuals and organizations who are opposed to hunting are backed by multi-million-euro funding. The 1 Euro per Hunter initiative provides us with much-needed funds to fight back with similar means. This will be the game changer that is so urgently needed to safeguard hunting, both now and for generations to come.

The concept behind the initiative is simple: 1 euro is collected annually from each hunter through the local, regional and/or national hunting associations of which they are a member. The collection is done as part of existing membership fee collection systems, with the additional one euro incorporated into fees as a solidarity token by hunters towards the defence of hunting globally.

These solidarity funds are transferred to the CIC each year. The funds go towards projects and activities in four distinct programme areas, namely: (1) media and communication; (2) early education; (3) strategic partnerships; and (4) advocacy.