Awards & Prizes

The CIC awards the following prizes: Markhor Prize, Edmond Blanc Prize, Photographic Prize, Hunting in Art Prize, Literature Prize.

They have proven to be a valuable instrument to present internationally: the CIC, hunting, and the sustainable use of wildlife. They also support good hunting practices. The CIC members who were responsible for the different prizes in the past have created and maintained a successful system and are to be commended for their achievements.

In 2011, the CIC addressed the need for a more effective, coordinated prize system, and requested Dr. Rolf D. Baldus to draft a proposal for such a new system. The CIC Executive Committee, in September 2011, approved the proposal and the Council in November ratified it. The new system has created a unified single Prize Committee, which is chaired by the President and which selects the recipients. Selection will be based on sets of defined criteria. The intervals between prizes have been modified and procedures have been simplified.