Launch of EU Platform on Coexistence with Large Carnivores
11 June 2014

On the 10th of June 2014, CIC President, Bernard Lozé signed a crucial agreement for the CIC to participate in the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores. This was part of the official launch of the EU Platform at a high-level ceremony in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium. The agreement was also signed by the EU Environment Commissioner, Janez Potočnik, together with the 7 other organisations which make up the platform. Amongst these is the European Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation (FACE) which, together with the CIC, means that 25% of the signatories are directly representing the interests of hunters in the platform. This level of representation is bettered by none of the other stakeholders (e.g. farmers, conservationists, landowners, and scientists).


The platform provides a forum for partners to exchange ideas and best practices on coexistence of people with large carnivores. President Lozé thanked the European Commission for the tremendous work it had done in gathering together the various stakeholders, over the course of 2 years, and in enabling the establishment of the Platform.

The CIC is looking forward to contributing to this exciting and timely new platform and to constructive and fruitful dialogue with the various stakeholders. As mentioned by President Lozé during the panel discussion: “where there is a need for compromise, dialogue between stakeholders is necessary in order to ensure that individual efforts are not in vain and that a joint solution can be found. Ultimately, large carnivore conservation requires that all parties understand that the presence of these animals has benefits, not only costs.

The full press release of the European Commission is available here.

Pictures from the event can be accessed via the following link.