CIC member’s success – Michel Mantheakis Safaris as the DSC’s Outfitter of the Year
13 November 2018

“Michel Mantheakis Safaris, Rowland Ward Fair Chase Outfitter, has earned the honor of being selected as DSC’s 2019 Outfitter of the Year”, Dallas Safari Club Executive Director, Corey Mason, said. “Their reputation as a premier safari operator is well known, and Michel is a great ambassador for conservation and the Conservation Through Hunting model.”

Michel Mantheakis has been a member of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) since 2011; has academic background in zoology and wildlife science, and he is a passionate hunter and conservationist with more than thirty years of experience in hunting in Tanzania. Mrs. Mantheakis is the general manager of the Michel Mantheakis Safaris, making sure the operation continues towards their conservation-driven goals on both the local and broad scale.

Michel Mantheakis Safaris was established in 2010, as a family-owned company promoting ethical hunting and conservation, and markets to discerning hunters. “It was a joint dream to own and operate a hunting company based on strong conservation principles, maximum anti-poaching effort, luxury service and corporate social responsibility,” Michel Mantheakis said. Michel Mantheakis Safaris represents a clientele that cares about conservation and prefers to hunt with an outfitter who truly believes in and practices conservation.

Their commitment to anti-poaching initiatives and community development extend beyond the lands they personally manage. Mantheakis is a strong international advocate for the hunting community as Chairman of Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (TAHOA) in Africa and around the world.

The CIC congratulates to the Mantheakis family for this success!

Source: Dallas Safari Club

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