Hungary’s Annual Hunting Day: 1 Euro per Hunter and Gold Hubertus Cross Award
08 October 2019

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To mark the occasion of Hungary’s annual Hunting Day, 7 September, 2019, an event was organised by the Hungarian Hunting Chamber and Hungarian Hunting Association in Sukoró, on the banks of lake Velence. The day’s activities were focused on the country’s hunting affairs at all levels, dealing with issues concerning national policy, regional management, wild game consumption, African swine fever and more.

Among those in attendance were Dr. Zsolt Semjén (Deputy Prime Minister & President of the Hungarian Hunting Association), Dr. László Jámbor (President of the Hungarian Hunting Chamber) and Director General of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), Tamás Marghescu.

A letter written by the CIC Director General was read out during the event, in which Tamás Marghescu thanked the Hunting Chamber for spearheading the 1 Euro per Hunter initiative in Hungary. In practice, this means that 1 euro from each hunting license holder in Hungary will be used to facilitate the activities of the CIC, so that it can become a stronger voice in the battle to maintain hunting for future generations.

With Hungary and Liechtenstein already having joined this initiative, the CIC hopes that other nations will show similar action to advocate and protect sustainable use.

The event’s award ceremony saw the former Head of the Austrian CIC Delegation and former CIC Vice President, Dr. Rudolf Gürtler, receiving the Gold Hubertus Cross from Dr. Zsolt Semjén, in recognition of his efforts within the CIC and for hunting.

Dr. Gürtler, who is a legal expert of the courts in matters related to hunting, worked with the CIC for many years providing his technical expertise and legal advice.

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