CIC Solidarity with communities, professional hunters, trackers and outfitters
03 April 2020

Postpone, don’t cancel your adventure – Show Solidarity

During these most uncertain times, the CIC stands with all those affected in one way or another by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

In particular, we stand with our partners, our friends and our communities; and with all those who are managing and conserving wildlife resources, and especially with those whose lives and livelihoods are dependent upon wildlife, including indigenous peoples, conservancies, professional hunters, trackers, hunting outfitters and wildlife tourism operators. As clients may not be able to travel for their booked hunts, photographic safaris or other nature engagements as originally planned, the consequences for many individuals and their families are grave. All are being impacted, and many face an uncertain future. With people’s livelihoods in danger and food security compromised, wildlife conservation may become a reduced priority for many governments while animal populations could face escalating risks from increased poaching and illegal trade.

We ask all hunters and other wildlife tourists to please contact their outfitters and operators, whether in Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific region and seek to postpone rather than cancel their bookings. This will give communities, tourist businesses, professional hunters, trackers and outfitters at least the feeling of not being left on their own, and provide them opportunity to plan ahead and see a possible way out of the current crisis.

George Aman, CIC President on behalf of the entire constituency of the CIC


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