European Hunters Donate Game Meat to Vulnerable People
20 May 2020

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As part of the effort to support vulnerable people in the wake of COVID-19, hunters have started initiatives to distribute and donate wild game meat in a number of European countries.

In one example of this, the Paderborn District Hunters’ Association in Germany has been supporting people in need since the start of the hunting season on 1 April, 2020.

Paderborn hunters have donated meat from roe deer and wild boar to support the homeless, sick and those in poverty; 2,500 free meals, worth 10,000 EUR, have already been distributed.

Not only is this a generous effort to support vulnerable people in these difficult times, it helps to ease the stress on meat supply chains as well. Game meat is also known to have a lower carbon footprint than meat produced from industrialised farming and is often more nutritious.

Hunters have been engaging in similar activities all across Europe, with healthcare professionals also receiving donations of meat in recognition of their dedicated work throughout the pandemic. In some cases, governments have been leading such initiatives in collaboration with wildlife managers.

The CIC would like to congratulate and thank the hunters involved in these activities. It is important that we continue to find new ways of supporting healthcare workers and vulnerable peoples during this pandemic. It is recommended that hunting associations throughout the world follow these examples which popularize game meat and also raises the image of conservation through sustainable use.

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