Debunking the Myths: “Trophy Hunting” Equals Poaching
12 August 2020

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Hunting. Poaching. Illegal killing. These are terms that have all been used interchangeably by those unfamiliar with the world of hunting and sustainable use.

“Trophy hunting” equals poaching, is a myth that certainly exists, and it is one that many may be perpetuating without being aware of the consequences.

Poaching is defined as any form of illegal killing of wildlife. Hunting is a legal form of wildlife management, which also brings about benefits for human livelihoods.

Making sure that such terms are used correctly is of absolute importance. To use them interchangeably diminishes the importance of regulated hunting as a wildlife management tool, and underplays the threat that poaching poses to wildlife, habitats and people.

In this Debunking the Myths¸ we define the differences between hunting and poaching, and highlight examples of how hunters contribute towards anti-poaching efforts.





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