Try out Game Meat this Holiday Season!
22 December 2020

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COVID-19 has severely impacted countless businesses and people all across the globe – this is also most definitely the case for hunters, game wardens, and hunting tour operators.

That’s why we would urge you to support the hunting and sustainable use community by purchasing game meat this holiday season!

We are proposing that you switch out turkey, ham or whatever your preference of meat, with some game meat sourced from local hunters.

With the ongoing pandemic severely restricting hunting operations, switching to game meat would go far in supporting the sustainable use and hunting industry in these difficult times.

Game meat is a healthy and nutritious source of protein, one that is low in fat and cholesterol, and it is packed with vitamins and minerals, such as iron, zinc, and selenium.

Unlike meat sourced from industrial farming practices, it will not be filled with hormones or antibiotics. Locally sourced game will also have a lower carbon footprint compared to meat that you would typically find in the supermarket.

For those of you that have not yet tried game meat, the CIC would urge you to try something new during the holidays and support this good cause. Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues, so that they too can learn about the benefits of game.

If you are looking for recipe ideas, we would recommend you try out the CIC Artemis Cookbook, a free e-book filled dishes based around cooking with game meat!

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