Estonian President Celebrates Hunting for the Holidays
23 December 2020

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The President of the Republic of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, took part in this year’s celebration of Estonia’s annual “Christmas peace for wild game” tradition.

This tradition, which dates back to 1993, was created as a cultural hunting event to show that hunters are an important part of society, while also reflecting its values.

The Christmas peace lasts between 24-26 December, and can be extended by local hunting organisations if needed.

Typically, the President of the Estonian Hunters Society declares the Christmas peace in different regions of the country together with a representative from the local authorities, and often with a clergyman involved in the process.

This year, President Kersti Kaljulaid took part in the proceedings, declaring the Christmas peace for the entire nation. In her speech, she praised hunting and sustainable use, referencing its benefits as a form of conservation and as a tool to bring together communities.

The picture above shows the Board and employees from the Estonian Hunters Society together with President Kersti Kaljulaid.

The CIC would also like to join in celebrating this tradition which helps bring hunting, and its numerous benefits, to the attention of the wider population.

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