Two coordinators have been appointed; they will manage and coordinate the processes with the assistance of further CIC volunteers. We are pleased to announce that Baron Dr. Wulf Gordian Hauser of Austria will be the Coordinator and Johann Hendrik Mohr of Germany, the Deputy Coordinator of the new CIC Prize system.


The CIC President thanked those members who had been responsible for the different prizes in the past. In particular, Maria Fürstin zu Stolberg-Wernigerode, Honorary President Dr. Nicolás Franco, Emmanuel La Roche, Jonkheer Jan-Maarten van Vredenburch and Count József Károlyi.

“They have spent considerable time and effort on making the CIC Prizes a recognized and prestigious trademark for the CIC. They deserve our gratitude and recognition,” said President Lozé in Paris, and continued “May we also thank Dr. Hauser and Mr. Mohr for their enthusiasm and commitment. I wish them success in this important challenge!”