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In 2011, the CIC addressed the need for a more effective, coordinated prize system, and requested Dr. Rolf D. Baldus to draft a proposal for such a system. The CIC Executive Committee, in September 2011, approved the proposal, with the Council ratifying the decision later in November.

The new system currently in place involves a single unified Prize Committee, chaired by the President, which is tasked with creating a shortlist of nominees, and the selection of overall winners. A set of defined criteria are used to judge the quality of work submitted for evaluation. The intervals between prizes have been modified and procedures have been simplified.

Two coordinators are appointed to manage and coordinate the processes of the Prize Committee, with CIC volunteers assisting with committee activities.

Currently, Dr. Michael von Forstner-Dambenois and Johann Hendrik Mohr have been appointed as Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator respectively.