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The CIC is a decentralized organization. Within the framework of the overall CIC Statutes, its National Delegations have their own by-laws and regulations.

The process of becoming a member is as follows

  • Please fill out the application form available through
    this link:

    Please note: when applying for membership, the candidate should be
    supported by two patrons (CIC members of the local delegation), as
    well as the Head of Delegation of your respective country. Applications
    submitted without the relevant signatures will not be processed.

  • 2.
  • When the application form is completed, please sign the printed
    document and, after collecting signatures from the patrons, please
    forward it together with your CV to the Head of Delegation.

    For the complete list of National Delegations, please see this
    If there is no National Delegation in your given country, then the Head of
    the closest National Delegation should be asked to sign the form, or one
    of the Vice-Presidents of the CIC.

  • 3.
  • Once the nomination of the candidate is approved by the national
    Delegation, please forward the final documents (complete with all
    relevant signatures) to the CIC Headquarters.

    New applicants are ratified twice a year: in spring at the General
    Assembly of the CIC, and during the autumn Council Meeting of the CIC.
    After ratification, the candidate becomes a fully-fledged member of the
    CIC; essential information and documents regarding the membership
    will be sent by the CIC Membership Officer shortly after ratification.

    If you have any questions regarding the membership process, please
    contact the Membership Officer, Daria Bezgacheva (

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