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National Delegations are autonomous entities within the CIC network that are made up of the CIC members in a given country.

The activities of a Delegation will vary depending on interests of its members, as well the needs of wildlife and hunters specific to the country in question.

This means that some Delegations may carry out research and projects relevant to national wildlife management interests, while others may get involved in international conservation work.

Delegations will also organise events throughout the year as a way to strengthen the membership, and to develop any new or ongoing projects.

Each Delegation will have a Head of Delegation, who is democratically elected by Delegation members.

The Head of Delegation is responsible for managing the Delegation’s membership, finances and technical outputs – they are also the point of contact with the CIC Administrative Office.

List of National Delegations and their Heads of Delegation

Delegation Head of Delegation Website
Argentina Alfredo Pablo Roemmers
Austria Dr. Wulf Baron Hauser
Belgium Philippe Claeys
Bulgaria Vasil Vasilev
Croatia Ivica Budor
Cyprus Pantelis Hajiyerou
Czech Republic Martin Žižka
Denmark Paul Carsten Pedersen
Finland Mikael Antell
France Catherine Chambaud
Germany Dr. Steffen Koch
Greece Georgios Arampatzis
Hungary Dr. Zoltán Kovács
Iran Abdol Ali Yazdani
Italy Nicoló Amosso
Liechtenstein Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein
Lithuania Jonas Talmantas
Luxembourg Prince Jean de Luxembourg
Malta Lino Farrugia
Morocco Dr. Abdeladim Lhafi
Namibia Dr. Clemens von Doderer
Netherlands Seger van Voorst tot Voorst
Norway Carl D. Cappelen
Poland Dr. Pawel Lisiak
Portugal Álvaro Moreira
Qatar H.E. Abdulrahman bin Saud Al-Thani
Romania Mugurel Drăgănescu
Russia Tatiana Aramileva
Serbia Sanja Momčilović Bognič
Slovakia Tibor Lebocký
Slovenia Matjaž Prinčič
South Africa
Spain Juan González Ortega
Sweden Gerard Brodin
Switzerland Thierry de Loriol
Tunisia Ahmed Ridha Fikih Salem
UAE (United Arab Emirates) H.E. Majid Al Mansouri
United Kingdom Denis Slobodyan
USA Chris Hudson