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The role of women in the field of hunting is very important nowadays. In general, the number of huntresses is increasing in European countries and the USA but also in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Every day sees the need to solve problems with media and certain organizations which are not in favour of hunting. We have to explain to them the reasons behind what we are doing as hunters. Daily, we need to explain that we are the ones playing the first role in the field of wildlife conservation and that without sustainable hunting the future of game animals would not be so positive. We must explain that wildlife numbers are increasing thanks to well organized hunting management. Hunting is our way of life. Through the activities of lady hunters we can successfully promote the positive role of hunters and the benefits of our work. Female huntresses can have an important influence on young people and children. We sometimes do things which are not always as accessible for our male colleagues; one thing we can do is to promote wild game as part of a healthy diet.

The idea of creating a Ladies platform or Artemis Club under the CIC originated several years ago. The discussions about such a platform started in 2011 at the Palarikovo castle, Slovakia. During an important national Slovak event, the National Hunting Exhibition entitled “Hunting and Nature 2011” which took place in Bratislava in June and included a great deal of international involvement. The CIC President, Mr. Bernard Lozé announced his support for the idea in a meeting with the President of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Gašparovič and the President of the Slovak Hunter´s Chamber, Mr. Lebocký. During the exhibition, the Club of Slovak Lady Hunters under the patronage of the Slovak Hunter´s Chamber organized an International meeting of huntresses, brining together ladies from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. The current situation of lady hunters in these three countries was discussed and Soňa Supeková, President of the Club of Slovak Lady Hunters, informed participants about the idea of creating the Artemis Club under the CIC.

During the 58th CIC General Assembly in St. Petersburg, further discussions took place with Madam Underberg, a respected member of the CIC. Mrs. Underberg announced her full trust in and support of the idea of creating the Artemis Club. Another step was Mrs. Supeková’s presentation at the 1st International Hunting Cultural Conference in October 2011 in Hungary, at the Szent István University, Gödöllő. The conference was organized by the Hungarian Hunting Cultural Association. The International Hunting Ladies’ meeting took the place as one of the sessions during this conference.

During the 59th General Assembly in Cape Town, Soňa Supeková organized a meeting for ladies to present their ideas about the creation of a ladies platform under the CIC. She presented the main issues and Mr. President Lozé announced his support for the Artemis Cub to be established as an official working group of the CIC.

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