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1 Euro per Hunter is an initiative of the CIC which gives hunters the opportunity to shape their own future, while supporting the wider sustainable use sector.

Wildlife experts will be familiar with the benefits associated with sustainable, regulated hunting activities.

Facilitating academic research. Restoring wildlife populations and habitats. Funding conservation. Supporting human well-being. These are just some of the essential services and functions that are derived from the sustainable use of wildlife resources.

Unfortunately, some organisations and entities are looking to undermine the work conducted by hunters for the benefit of larger society. In many cases, these efforts are not founded in academic research or wildlife science.

In recent times, we have also seen campaigns based on misinformation being backed by millions of euros in funding. The result? A warped perspective on hunting being presented as fact to the wider public and policymakers.

That is why the CIC launched the 1 Euro per Hunter initiative.

By collecting one euro from every hunter taking part in the initiative, the CIC can fund activities to help disseminate the wildlife science surrounding this topic area, while supporting innovative projects that contribute towards biodiversity conservation and human livelihoods.

Funds from 1 Euro per Hunter are channelled into four distinct programme areas:

     1. Media and communication

     2. Early education

     3. Strategic partnerships

     4. Advocacy

When supporting 1 Euro per Hunter, you are directly safeguarding the future of hunting and its many benefits, both now and for future generations.

If you are interested in this initiative, contact us at office@cic-wildlife.org

How does it work?

Local, regional and/or national hunting associations should first express interest in 1 Euro per Hunter. One euro is then collected annually from every hunter that is a member of any hunting associations taking part in the initiative.

The collection is incorporated into existing membership fee systems. The one euro is collected from existing fees as a form of solidarity towards the global interests of sustainable use.

Regular reports are compiled and distributed on the way in which funding is used in each of the programme areas.