15th CPW Meeting in Rome and the 2023-2025 Work Plan

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The 15th Meeting of the Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management (CPW) was held on 26-28 September 2023 in Rome. One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the finalisation of a 2023-2025 CPW Work Plan which is due to be officially launched at a CBD SBSTTA-25 side-event on October 16th.

The CPW is a voluntary partnership of 14 international organisations – including the CIC – with substantive mandates and programmes for the sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources.

Representatives of CPW organisations, including Director General of the CIC Sebastian Winkler, gathered in Rome to finalise details of the 2023-2025 Work Plan, a new programme which outlines ways in which the CPW can support broader conservation goals, such the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework particularly Targets 4, 5 and 9.

Since its establishment, the mission of the CPW has been to increase cooperation and coordination amongst its members and other parties on sustainable wildlife management, with the aim of promoting and supporting the sustainable use and conservation of wildlife species.

This development builds on the historic work of CPW, and looks to create synergies on the road ahead by aligning its collective conservation work with the targets set out by multilateral environmental agreements.

The new Work Plan will be built around five thematic objectives, each tackling a different aspect of sustainable wildlife management.

  • Help countries to ensure that the use and trade of wildlife is legal, sustainable, and safe
  • Links between sustainable use of wildlife, food security, livelihoods and well-being, culture, and the integrity of landscapes
  • Prevention, management, and reduction of human-wildlife conflict and enhance coexistence
  • Embed the sustainable use and management of wildlife in the One Health agenda
  • Advocate for sustainable and inclusive wildlife economies

The full 2023-2025 Work Plan will be launched on October 16th, together with materials summarising the key elements for wider audiences.