2023 Hunting in Art Prize & Art Exhibition at the 69th General Assembly

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The 2023 CIC Hunting in Art Prize will be hosted as part of the 69th General Assembly in Paris (20-23 April, 2023).

Artists specialising in sculptures from all over the world – whose work places a spotlight on all things hunting and wildlife – will be invited to Paris to display their work as part of an Art Exhibition for attendees.

Participants at the event will then have an opportunity to evaluate the sculptures, and vote for their favourite artist in attendance. The votes will be tallied up, with the winner being presented as part of the Awards Ceremony on April 22nd.

The Art Exhibition will also host artists featuring non-sculpture and non-wildlife related pieces of work for attendees to enjoy. It should be noted that these artists will not be eligible for the Hunting in Art prize.

A profile of all the artists that will be in attendance can be seen below, as well as a preview of some of their work.

Hunting in Art Exhibitors

Mick Doellinger

Born in Germany and raised in Australia, Mick Doellinger has called the United States home since 2003.  From his many years of rodeo, commercial butchering, guiding and wildlife management, Doellinger believes his time in the field – studying the subjects and environments they occupy – is critical to his creative process.

Luis de Sousa Cabral

Luis was born into a family with a long tradition of horse breeding. The country life combined with a love for animals and nature awakened in him at an early stage the need to express himself through Art, primarily sculpting. Inspired from his everyday life, his work represents equestrian, hunting and wildlife scenes.

Igor Ly

Self-taught, Igor Ly spent his childhood drawing animals, under the guidance of his grandfather who modeled animal figurines for a toy firm, and has never stopped since.  His work is characterised by a quest for accuracy, elegance, character and truth, in particular in his portraits of dogs and horses, whose depth is that of the multi millennial history they share with men.

Jean Marc Bodin

Jean-Marc Bodin is one of the very rare animal artists who carries out all the stages of the creation of his bronze sculptures himself: creation of the molds, castings, carving, patina. He studied under the direction of Patrick Lang and Francois Cacheux, and is a winner of the Bust Prize from the Paul Louis Weiller Institute.         

Olivier Jouanneteau

Olivier Jouanneteau is an animalist artist that grew up in a show-jumping environment with Boulonnais horses that were still used at the family farm. He participated at his first show at 12 years old. Today, he is a farmer and sport horse breeder at Haras de Villers in Oise, Picardy where he was born.  Sculptures of dogs, chickens, and of course horses, have become his way to express his animal art. Recently, we have seen an evolution in his artistic style with the realisation of paintings.

General Art Exhibitors

Martina Della Rocca

Martina Della Rocca is a French artist with Italian origins devoted to music and colourful art. Considered as a contemporary painter, her work is at the service of an art open to the imagination. Mixed strength and joy emerging from her canvases enable everyone to dream and have a very personal interpretation of her work.

Giampiero Celäni

He translates his travel experiences onto paper using pencils, inks, watercolors and lettering. An integral and distinctive part of his illustrative technique is his integration of calligraphy. He loves to illustrate the mists of Mittel-Europe and his African travels with the warm atmosphere of the poignant Mediterranean summer.