Botswana Joins as a State Member, the CIC Adopts Landmark 2030 Strategic Plan and Qatar to Host the 71st General Assembly

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  • Botswana Joins as a State Member, the CIC Adopts Landmark 2030 Strategic Plan and Qatar to Host the 71st General Assembly

The CIC has adopted its landmark 2030 Strategic Plan, setting its goals and targets on the road towards the end of this decade in support of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), which will also coincide with the 100th anniversary of the CIC. 

Marking this new chapter for the CIC, the Republic of Botswana formally announced their intention to join the CIC as a State Member, with H.E. Mr Dumezweni Mthimkhulu, Minister of Environment and Tourism for Botswana, addressing delegates in Cascais this evening. 

Adopted as part of the proceedings at the 70th General Assembly, the 2030 Strategic Plan is a culmination of preparatory work and consultation, including the 69th General Assembly and its outputs, the CIC Members’ Survey conducted last year, the 2023-2025 CPW Work Plan and the CIC Communications Strategy crafted back in 2020. 

In particular, the 2030 Strategic Plan will support GBF Targets 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 21 by addressing four Global Priorities: 

  • Applied Science for Nature-Based Leadership 
  • Placing Sustainable Use at the Heart of Policy Change 
  • Unify Hunters & IPLCs around Common Heritage of Land & Harvest 
  • Inspire Hearts and Minds about Hunter-led Conservation 

There will be a need for cooperation and joint action to effectively implement this new and ambitious 2030 Strategic Plan, building on existing relationships and forging new ones. 

H.E. Mr. Pohamba Penomwenyo Shifeta – representing an existing CIC State Member in the Republic of Namibia as Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism – praised their long standing partnership with the CIC jointly advancing sustainable use topics on the global policy agenda. 

In an advance press release on Botswana’s CIC State Membership and Minister Mthimkhulu’s attendance at the General Assembly, it was stated “Botswana rejoins the CIC at a time when several western countries have been considering laws that seek to ban the import of hunting trophies into those countries.” 

Under the newly adopted 2030 Strategic Plan, the CIC will support a conservation strategy for Botswana that embraces its core principles of environmental management, sustainable development and poverty eradication. 

Looking ahead, there proves to be more potential for global alliances following the unveiling of Qatar as the hosts for the 71st CIC General Assembly next year. 

Taking place in Doha from 24-27 April 2025, the General Assembly is due to address the topics of falconry and mediation.  

H.E. Sheikh Fahad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Member of the Ruling Family of Qatar and Officer in the Qatar Armed Forces, addressed the audience as part of the Members’ Assembly today, expressing a desire to help bridge relationships between all nations in the field of hunting and sustainability. 

National broadcaster Botswana Television BW (BTV) covering the announcement of Botswana joining the CIC as a State Member and Minister Mthimkhulu’s address at the 70th General Assembly