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Young Opinion Research Award

From left to right: Krzysztof Kowalewski (President of CIC Young Opinion Working Group), Astrid Olejarz (YO Research Award Winner) and Alexandros Karabalis (CIC Belgium Member) 

Hosted every year by the Young Opinion Working Group, the Young Opinion Research Award aims to support researchers whose projects contribute to the sustainable use of wildlife resources. 

It recognises academic research that covers any or all of the three main pillars of sustainable wildlife management – economic, socio-cultural, ecological. 

At the Young Opinion Session in Cascais, Astrid Olejarz from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague was announced as the winner of the 2024 Young Opinion Research Award for her submission on Spatial Responses of Wild Boar to Driven Hunts. 

During her speech – where she gave a presentation on the research – it was noted that human-induced environmental changes are leading to the extinction of some species, whilst others, such as the wild boar, are thriving to the point that they have been referred to as pests and invasives.  

Drawing attention to controls such as indirect manipulation (fences), fertility control, and lethal controls, it was stated that hunting can lead to altered morphological traits, with her research looking into changes in behaviour. 

Communications Award 

The Communications Award established to recognise publications and communications efforts that highlight different aspects of nature conservation through the sustainable use of wildlife resources. 

The 2024 Communications Awards was awarded in two categories: 

  • The Literary Prize 
  • The Technical Prize 

Dr. Rolf D. Baldus, CIC Advisor (left) and Dr. Philipp Harmer, President of the CIC (right) 

Baldus, Rolf D. (2023) Auf den Fährten der Big Five. Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Stuttgart

The Literary Prize was awarded to Auf den fährten der Big Five (2023) – On the tracks of the Big Five – a book authored by CIC Advisor Dr. Rolf D. Baldus on the story of his life as an international hunter and conservationist.   

From his first unsuccessful hunting efforts as a hitch-hiker in Canada, to his many years working in African game reserves and his experiences of working and hunting with rural communities, the book is a self reflection on the realities of sustainable hunting and wildlife use. 

The CIC Jury selected this nomination for shining a light the topics of human-wildlife conflict and community based conservation. 


Holm, Elisabeth (2023) Nature & Aventures.

The Technical Prize was awarded to Nature & Aventures (2023) – Nature & Adventure a children’s handbook that aims to familiarise young audiences with nature and hunting.  

This nomination was recognised by the CIC Jury for its work to build up the next generation of conservationists, by introducing wildlife to children in a playful and approachable manner. 

The author, Elisabeth Holm, was sadly not present in Cascais to receive the Prize in person. A special mention was given to Julia Dubuis, Vincent Huther, Fanny, Michaël Giangreco and Colin Montet for their graphic and design work. 

Receiving the Technical Prize on behalf of the Nature and Adventure Team on stage was Thierry de Loriol, Head of the Swiss Delegation of the CIC; the book is a project sponsored by the Swiss Delegation. 

Edmond Blanc Diploma 

The Edmond Blanc Diploma awards outstanding efforts in wildlife conservation and game management that are based on the principles of sustainable wildlife use. Last year, the Diploma was awarded to Erongo Verzeichnis (EV) for their Age Related Trophy Measuring System.  

The 2024 Edmond Blanc Diploma was presented to Romsilva-Arges, a State Forestry Area in Romania.  

Acting under the authority of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, one of the principal targets of Romsilva is to boost the health and conditions of state forests while producing national timber and other wildlife products.  

Romsilva also acts as a horse breading authority, coordinating and implementation of the national programme for the genetic improvement of equines. 

Armand Chiriloiu, General Director of Romsilva-Arges, received the award thanking the CIC and noting in particular the work in Arges to support the sustainable management of chamois. 

Vice President of the CIC, Arpad Sarkany, also took the stage to praise the work of Mr. Chiriloiu as a wildlife manager, while mentioning that it is an honour for Romania to receive this recognition by the CIC.