CIC Executive Committee & Council Meetings in Rome Conclude with an Audience with His Holiness Pope Francis

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  • CIC Executive Committee & Council Meetings in Rome Conclude with an Audience with His Holiness Pope Francis

Photo credit: © Vatican Media

The CIC Executive Committee and Council convened in Rome this week for their biannual Meetings to review and take decisions on the work, processes and priorities of the extended CIC Network.

Taking place from December 12-13th, the EC (2/2023) and Council (2/2023) Meetings laid the groundwork for the upcoming 70th General Assembly in Cascais, as well as the wider CIC agenda in the years ahead.

This marks the first time that the Council Meeting was open to CIC State Member representatives as Observers, thereby joining Heads of Delegations in providing valuable insight on national concerns related to sustainable use and hunting.

Details for upcoming General Assemblies were decided upon, and updates were given on the development of the CIC 2030 Strategic Programme.

Notably, decisions were made pertaining to the 70th General Assembly in Cascais, which will take place on 18-21 April 2024.

The CIC extends its thanks to Alvaro Moreira – Head of the Portuguese Delegation – who was also present in Rome for his ongoing efforts to facilitate the organisation of the General Assembly. The Head of Delegation has played a crucial role in supporting the CIC Secretariat over the past months, particularly in identifying venues, excursions and the development of the General Assembly program.

On the evening of December 12th, participants attended a dinner at the Circolo della Caccia at the invitation of CIC Member Leone Rossi, giving the representatives of Delegations, Divisions, Working Groups and Coordination Fora an opportunity to hold informal conversations on the work of the CIC.

The last day was a particular moment for celebration, as the close to 70 participants had an opportunity to attend an Audience with His Holiness Pope Francis at St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and the mass that followed.

The occasion allowed for the further exchange of ideas with regard to the CIC’s initiative in organising the 2nd Sommet des Consciences in 2025 – 10 years after the first iteration – which would also mark the 10th anniversary of Laudato Si’ and the Paris Climate Agreement.