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Applications for the CIC Markhor Award 2022 are finally open to the public!

We are happy to announce that the CIC is now taking nominations for the long-awaited CIC Markhor Award.

The Markhor Award honours conservation projects that link the conservation of biodiversity and human livelihoods through sustainable use. It is presented at every CBD COP, highlighting sustainable use as the second pillar of the Convention.

After a two-year delay caused by the pandemic, the CBP COP 15 is finally taking place in Montréal, Canada later this year (5-17 December, 2022). With it comes an opportunity for the CIC to once again highlight excellent work that is being conducted in the conservation arena through the CIC Markhor Award.

This year’s CBD COP is a particularly apt opportunity to present this award, as the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework is due to be discussed and adopted as part of the proceedings.

Many of the 2030 Action Targets included in the draft framework are in parallel with the goals associated with the CIC Markhor Award.

Targets 5, 9 and 10 in particular are relevant examples:

  • (Target 5) Ensure that the harvesting, trade and use of wild species is sustainable, legal, and safe for human health.
  • (Target 9) Ensure benefits, including nutrition, food security, medicines, and livelihoods for people especially for the most vulnerable through sustainable management of wild terrestrial, freshwater and marine species and protecting customary sustainable use by indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • (Target 10) Ensure all areas under agriculture, aquaculture and forestry are managed sustainably, in particular through the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, increasing the productivity and resilience of these production systems.

By bringing attention to projects that link conservation and livelihoods through sustainable use, the Markhor Award highlights best practices that can serve as an example for others working in this field.

In doing so, the CIC can aid in broader conservation objectives, such as the Action Targets mentioned above.

If you know of any ongoing projects that may be deserving of this award, please get in touch with us with an application. Projects can be either self-nominated, or can be nominated on behalf of other individuals/entities.

The eligibility criteria and conditions can be downloaded through this link.

If your project is suitable, send us a short description (maximum 2 page) on how it relates to the terms of the Markhor Award. Please include relevant articles (if applicable) and a minimum of two references from national authorities, a CIC National Delegation or another international organisation.

Applications should be sent to the CIC Administrative Office (

Deadline for submissions: 31 October, 2022