First Shipment of Supplies Arrives at the Border

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In our press release earlier this week, we announced our plans to assist hunting associations in providing humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

We would like to personally thank all of you for your generous donations so far. At the time of writing, we have already managed to raise EUR 6,590, all of which is going towards the purchase of items that will directly benefit those in need in these difficult times.

The CIC Administrative Office staff have already delivered some of the necessary equipment to set up an outdoor kitchen at the Hungarian border. Today, they will finish the preparations for the site and will deliver ten sets of tables and benches. The goal is to be distributing hot meals by Saturday, 5 March, 2022.

Every train that arrives at the border brings with it some 450 people. Many do not have access to water, food, clothing and other basic necessities.

We would encourage all to continue donating, so that we can provide assistance to those affected by this humanitarian crisis.


We originally announced that we are coordinating our efforts with the National Hunting for Charity Organisation (OJV KNP Kft.). We are proud to state that the Hungarian Hunters’ National Chamber (OMVK) and the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) have also joined in supporting the initiative.

In addition, we have been in constant contact with national hunting associations and our members all across Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland, in order to assess where the CIC and its network can best provide assistance.  We will be providing updates on the international operations that are taking place as the situation continues to develop.

To give an example of our ongoing efforts, the CIC Administrative Office staff met with the mayor of one of the Hungarian border towns currently welcoming refugees from Ukraine to discuss the precise needs of ongoing local humanitarian efforts.

They identified the location to set up an outdoor kitchen, and provided a list of other essential supplies that we will be looking to source going forward.

Aside from the hot food, specific items that are currently needed include:

  • Portable ioniser for disinfecting
  • 100 portable beds
  • 2 portable gas heaters

Your donations will help us get these supplies to those that need it in this time of crisis. Any contribution, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.