Flying Vets Project Accepted as a New IPSI Collaborative Activity

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We are pleased to announce that the Flying Vets Project in Mongolia has been accepted as an IPSI Collaborative Activity, with the project now joining an international network backed by the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies and Japan’s Ministry of Environment.

The International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) was launched by the UN university and the Ministry of Environment as a way to foster synergies between its member organisations.

All IPSI members are linked through a shared commitment to supporting socioecological production landscapes for the benefit of biodiversity and human well-being. For the Flying Vets in Mongolia, this means working to strengthen the country’s ability to implement a One Health approach in dealing with wildlife diseases, including zoonoses.

As an IPSI Collaborative Activity, the Flying Vets will now benefit from increased opportunities for collaboration between other IPSI members. Other members currently a part of the network include IUCN and CBD, to give some examples.

Going forwards, it is hoped that these synergies will lead to new integrated approaches in carrying out the mission of the Flying Vets, while further increasing its visibility on an international stage.

Sustainable use is expected to play a significant role in the implementation of the Flying Vets, due to the multi-faceted ways in which it can generate benefits for both conservation and livelihoods. With this in mind, possible areas of collaboration through IPSI may be with organisations such as CBD, particularly in the implementation of the recently adopted 2030 Global Biodiversity Framework.