World Food Day 2023: Game Meat and the “Global Youth United for Sustainable Hunting” Short Film

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Every year October 16th marks World Food Day, an international day of the United Nations (UN) dedicated to raising awareness of issues related to hunger and food security.

Water is the theme for World Food Day 2023, which takes place under the motto “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind.”

While water covers most of the earth’s surface, only 2.5% of it is suitable for drinking and most industrial uses. Agriculture alone accounts for 72% of global freshwater withdrawals, a huge amount given the finite nature of our water resources.

With planetary health dependent on our access to clean water, it is vial that we are all mindful of its broader use. That is why individuals should be conscious of pressures on water, while looking to find ways to support more sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Looking to purchase and consume game meat is one way this can be achieved!

The harvest of wild species is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of procuring meat products, especially when compared to those sourced via industrialised farming practices.

Large-scale farming is a resource intensive process that makes use of monoculture crops and enormous amounts of water as part of operations. Deforestation and the conversion of wild spaces for farming practices also has devastating consequences for our climate, due to the associated loss of carbon sinks to make way for areas with low levels of biodiversity.

Consuming game meat is therefore a more sustainable way of eating, one which has a higher nutritional value than alternatives that can be found in supermarkets.

To learn more about how game meat and hunting fits into wildlife management systems, we welcome you to view our recently launched short film, Global Youth United for Sustainable Hunting, which explores the future of responsible hunting told through three stories across three different continents.

The film is a joint initiative produced by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC)’s Young Opinion Leaders, Dallas Safari Club (DSC) and the Wild Harvest Initiative (a program of Conservation Visions).

The project brings together young voices and narratives from around the world to challenge conventional stereotypes surrounding hunting, while delving deeper into the realities of managed, sustainable hunting activities.

By showcasing examples of best practices in sustainable wildlife management, the film gives a glimpse at a future where hunting is broadly recognised as a tool contributing to wider conservation goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals in which “Zero Hunter” is Goal Two.

Join us as we take you on a journey to the rugged hills of northern Sweden, the top of the world in Tajikistan and the sun-drenched lands of southern Africa in pursuit of meat, memories and adventure.