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The legendary village of Tótmegyer has a long and storied past.

Belonging to Hungary up until 1918, then changing hands to Czechoslovakia, it can today be found in Slovakia as the municipality of Pálarikovo, which is also home to the CIC Museum.

Co-founder of the CIC, Count Lajos Károlyi of Nagykároly (1872-1965), was among the former owners of Tótmegyer.

Known for practising exemplary game management over 35,000 acres of privately owned and leased territories, his autobiography Waidwerk ohne Gleichen is regarded as one of the classics in hunting literature.

Legendary Tótmegyer (2023) is an intellectual and factual memorial to the history of Tótmegyer, its famous landlord and the Károlyi family. The book was authored by Professor Sándor Faragó in its original language of Hungarian, and has now been translated into English for wider consumption.

Not only was Count Károlyi a keen hunter, he also took the fate of hunting, game management and European hunting culture to heart.

He created prosperity and social security for the people living in the areas around his estates, as well as for his own employees. The Károlyi family owned the village of Tótmegyer until 1945, when Count Károlyi and his family had to leave their home forever.

Legendary Tótmegyer delves into the truly unparalleled game management that was once practised in the historic village in analytical detail, making use of historic records to provide its scientific foundation.

The book is available for purchase now through the CIC website. See details below for more information.

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Prof. Sándor Faragó

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