Mongolia and the One Health Approach

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Mongolia’s unique ecosystems and cultures come with an equally unique set of wildlife management challenges.

Driven by global pressures such as climate change, urbanisation and diseases, Mongolia’s wildlife and people face an oncoming crisis.

To tackle these issues in a unified, multifaceted way, Mongolia launched its Nature for Health (N4H) backed One Health Programme.

Building up the country’s resilience against wildlife diseases – including zoonoses – by supporting One Health efforts, the Programme aims to prevent the emergence of pandemics as well as associated health concerns

The CIC and the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) kicked off the process to build Mongolia’s One Health Programme in 2022, organising a series of capacity-building workshops that brought state, civil and local stakeholders together as part of an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and practices.

A Mongolian Scoping Mission was launched in December 2023, in which a project proposal will be developed with national partners to get a lay of the land and to provide a foundation on which to take steps forward. The CIC will be hosting a data analysis workshop as part of this mission, based on the central themes of detection and prevention.

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