“That’s Hunting!” – New Educational Campaign on Hunting in Austria

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Jagd Österreich has launched a new campaign in Austria which looks to educate people on the socio-economic benefits and cultural elements associated with sustainable hunting.

Serving as an umbrella organisation for all regional hunting associations in Austria, Jagd Österreich will administer the national campaign under the tag-line, “That’s Hunting!

By communicating the craft and knowledge that hunters abide by from a wildlife management perspective, the campaign will look to educate young people and urban residents on hunting through the medium of social media and online content.

A new website has been launched as part of the initiative, and will serve as the focal point for the stories and videos that will be created.

While hunters will be aware of their support to biodiversity – whether it is contributing to the fight against African Swine Fever, helping to manage invasive species or managing wildlife habitats – many people are unaware of the services that hunting renders to society.

In particular, the campaign will look to focus on significant voluntary efforts carried out by the 130,000 hunters currently present in Austria.

President of the CIC, Dr. Philipp Harmer, was in attendance at the campaign launch event, which took place in Vienna on July 4th.

He welcomed the initiative and congratulated Jagd Österreich for starting a movement to educate others. It was noted that such information campaigns should look to target those who are undecided on the issue of hunting – as opposed to those with an established opinion – in order to truly make an impact and enact change.

Dr. Philipp Harmer, President of the CIC

By educating people on the realities of sustainable hunting, it is hoped that we will be able to build upon the existing conservation successes brought about by the sustainable utilisation of wildlife resources.