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We are pleased to announce that the CIC will be broadening its presence into Brussels to work on the global issues related to European Union policy.

Known as the capital of Europe, Brussels serves as the seat for the Council of the European Union, and is a centre of international governance for Europe and beyond.

The news comes in light of an increased need to play a hands-on role in shaping European and global policy on sustainable use, given the growing threats to biodiversity and the ever-changing nature of environmental legislation. It builds on the CIC’s policy work in Europe over its 90+ year history, and sets the stage for improved effectiveness in tackling new challenges for conservation and sustainable development issues on the road ahead.

The European Landowners’ Organization (ELO) will be hosting a member of staff from the CIC Administrative Office as part of the development, with CIC Policy Coordinator Alexandra Kalandarishvili set to move to Belgium in the coming weeks.

This week, a CIC Delegation was present in Brussels to lay the foundations as part of this new venture.

CIC-FACE Meeting / From left to right: Dr. David Scallan (FACE Secretary General), Sebastian Winkler (CIC Director General), Dr. Philipp Harmer (CIC President), Torbjörn Larsson (FACE President), Arno Wimpffen (CIC Deputy Director General) and Alexandra Kalandarishvili (CIC Policy Coordinator)

President of the CIC Dr. Philipp Harmer, Director General Sebastian Winkler, Deputy Director General Arno Wimpffen and Ms. Kalandarishvili had preparatory meetings with numerous stakeholders and parties during the visit, including the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE).

FACE President Torbjörn Larsson and Secretary General Dr. David Scallan were present at the meeting on October 4th, which looked to explore past and future avenues of collaboration between CIC and FACE.

The upbeat discussions focused on the implementation of the CIC-FACE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – which will remain standing – as well as the establishment of a 3-year work plan outlining joint activities between the two organisations.

Biodiversity, DG Environment, European Commission Meeting / From left to right: Andrea Vettori (Head of Nature Conservation, DG Environment, European Commission), Sebastian Winkler (CIC Director General), Alexandra Kalandarishvili (CIC Policy Coordinator), Dr. Philipp Harmer (CIC President) and Humberto Delgado Rosa (Director for Biodiversity, DG Environment, European Commission)

In addition, meetings were organised over the course of the week with leading European directors. Today, a meeting took place with Humberto Delgado Rosa – Director for Biodiversity, DG Environment, European Commission and former Secretary of State for Environment of Portugal – where the CIC extended a formal invitation to Mr. Delgado Rosa to attend the 70th General Assembly next year in Portugal.

Discussions were also held with the focal point of the EU to CITES, to explore how the CIC could render support on wildlife trade within an EU context.

Dr. Philipp Harmer (CIC President) Speaking at the Samilia Foundation Event

In addition, on the evening of October 4th the CIC Delegation was invited to attend a Charity Gala Dinner hosted by the Samilia Foundation at the Cercle Gaulois, where a number of Belgian hunting organisations met to raise funds for the foundation’s work in anti-human trafficking.

At the event, the CIC President gave a speech on the work of the CIC, including recent humanitarian efforts to support those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. Head of the Belgian Delegation of the CIC, Phillipe Claeys, arranged a CIC presence at the Charity Gala Dinner to facilitate networking opportunities for Belgian Delegation Members.