Uniting Hunters to Respond in Times of Crisis: CIC Joins FACE Members’ Meeting in Warsaw (5-7 April, 2022)

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  • Uniting Hunters to Respond in Times of Crisis: CIC Joins FACE Members’ Meeting in Warsaw (5-7 April, 2022)

Photo credits: https://www.face.eu/2022/04/face-members-meeting-warsaw-european-hunters-respond-in-times-of-crises/

Heads and representatives from European national hunting federations and associations, as well as high-level public authorities, were finally able to meet in person at the FACE Members’ Meeting in Warsaw, Poland on 5-7 April after a two-year delay caused by the global pandemic and uncertainties surrounding the war in Ukraine.

The Polish hosts, in collaboration with the FACE Secretariat, brought together exceptional speakers, resulting in a lively discussion where participants were able to share experiences and exchange ideas on how to scale up action in times of crisis.

As part of the proceedings, Tamás Marghescu – Director General of CIC – gave a presentation on the ongoing work by the CIC, FACE and the Hungarian National Hunting for Charity Organisation (OJV KNP Kft.) to support refugees arriving into the countries bordering Ukraine.

Through a combined effort, involving the mobilisation of a large network of hunters and conservation forces, close to one million Euros in materials and in-kind support has been distributed to where it was most needed. In addition, there are already preparations in place for post-war ecosystem restoration efforts.

In a related discussion, participants also shared how hunting associations are playing a key role in every corner of the world to address the crises that society is facing.

At the same time, it was noted that we should not lose sight of the importance of addressing long-term biodiversity and climate issues in support of the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy and the preparations for an EU legislation on restoration.

Within this context, discussions included topics related to animal health, such as ASF in wild boar, bird flu, and the need to provide further support for migratory birds.

In parallel with biodiversity and climate related actions, education and awareness raising efforts with regard to sustainable hunting were brought up as a matter of equal significance.

The CIC extends its thanks to FACE for organising what was an excellent event, as well as the many attendees that were able to contribute to the insightful discussion that took place.