World Zoonoses Day 2023: The Flying Vets and One Health

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Today is World Zoonoses Day!

Observed on June 6th every year, the day serves to commemorate micro-biologist Louis Pasteur, who administered the first ever vaccination in 1885.

Notably, the vaccine was developed to fight against rabies, one of the world’s most infamous zoonotic diseases.

In today’s world, the fight against zoonoses is a continuous effort that requires coordination and cooperation amongst numerous sectors.

As a consequence of humans coexisting with wildlife in every country, challenges present themselves from the perspective of human, animal and ecosystem health.

As demonstrated by COVID-19, zoonotic diseases – if left unchecked – can have a devastating impact on the entire planet.

The CIC actively contributes to the fight against zoonoses, falling under its commitment to support sustainable development issues and One Health.

One such initiative is The Flying Project in Mongolia.

In an effort to support Mongolian wildlife and people, the Flying Vets looks to strengthen the country’s ability to implement a One Health approach in dealing with wildlife diseases, including zoonoses.

In particular, the project renders support to Mongolia’s national One Health program – supported by three Mongolian Ministries – which receives funding from UNEP’s NatureforHealth initiative.

The CIC has already organised two workshops in Mongolia, in conjunction with the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), bringing together the various stakeholders from the Mongolian animal, human and veterinary health sectors.

A third workshop is currently in development with an explicit focus on data analytics, which will help move forward the implementation of a One Health program within the context of the CIC’s MoU with WOAH.