The CIC’s strength comes from its diverse and united membership, which consists of opinion leaders, wildlife experts, national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government agencies and public institutions, and individuals actively supporting wildlife conservation. Our membership is a union of some of the world’s most prominent thinkers and organisations in the domain of sustainable wildlife use. The CIC serves as a hub for those whose work and interests touch on the topic of conservation through sustainable use, creating a global network that connects members to one another.

Wildlife and conservation issues are not only the subject of national regulations, but are also influenced through international multilateral agreements and conventions such as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), CMS (Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals), and CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity). The importance of reaching wider audiences in the sphere of wildlife conservation has never been greater. This is evidenced also be the growing sentiment against hunting from a public and institutional stand point, which has made it increasingly difficult to communicate thoughts, facts and messages when acting alone. It is only by connecting with the right people, and by sharing resources and factual knowledge, that real change can be enacted. With over 1600 members from 85 countries, the CIC membership allows our members and partners to coordinate activities on a truly global scale.

Joining the CIC also means that members are recognised as being part of an internationally renowned organisation. Having advocated for conservation through the principles of sustainable use for over 90 years, the CIC is well established in international fora, and has long standing partnerships with experts and organisations globally who recognise the importance of sustainable use in conserving wildlife and biodiversity. As an illustration of this, the CIC is one of the founding members of CPW (Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management), a voluntary partnership of 14 international organizations with substantive mandates and programmes to promote the sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources.

As well as being an international organisation, the CIC has national delegations in a number of countries. This structure allows members to actively influence wildlife conservation issues in their country, drawing on the local, regional and international network at their disposal through the CIC membership.

The work of the CIC contributes to a better understanding of the status and key issues in the world of wildlife conservation and sustainable use. In addition to providing our technical expertise to governments and multilateral institutions, the CIC organises symposia, workshops, and other wildlife management related events, both for its’ members and the wider public.

Any natural or legal personality, who identify themselves with the vision and mission of the CIC and wish to contribute to the realization of these goals, may apply for CIC membership as defined in the Statutes and By-laws.

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