CIC’s strenght lies in its diverse, yet united Membership. We believe that landmark progress in conservation can be achieved only through the cooperation of a wide range of professional insitutions and individuals. That is why we continually invest in our Membership and aim to build an ever growing wordwide network of conscious conservaitonists practising sustainable hunting!

The CIC is proud to have over 1600 members in 83 countries on the 5 continents. Our membership consists of states, national and international organizations, individual members, as well as sponsors, all advocates of the CIC and sustainable wildlife management around the world.

Any natural or legal personality, who identify themselves with the vision and mission of the CIC and wish to contribute to the realization of these goals, may apply for CIC membership as defined in the Statutes and By-laws.

Apply now! Become a member of the CIC and actively influence wildlife conservation!

For further information please register through our e-application form or contact our Membership Officer.