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President of the CIC

Dr. Philipp HARMER
President of the CIC

CIC Administrative Office Staff

Sebastian WINKLER
Director General
Deputy Director General
CIC Ambassador
Dr. Kristóf HECKER
Head of Division Coordination Unit
Gabriella KANYOK
Head of Communications
Membership Officer
Sukho LEE
Communications Officer
Alexandra Kalandarishvili
Policy Coordinator
Thomas Paulic
Polina Gromova

The CIC is directed from its legal seat in Vienna, where its central office is located in the very centre of Vienna.

Postal address in Vienna, Austria

International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation
A-1010 VIENNA, Singerstraße 1., Austria

Physical address in Vienna, Austria

A-1010 Vienna, Singerstraße 1., Austria

Postal address in Budakeszi, Hungary

In addition to the central office in Vienna, the CIC operates an Administrative Office in Budakeszi, Hungary, on the grounds of the Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. (State Forestry Administration of Pilis).

International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation – CIC Administrative Office
H-2092 BUDAKESZI, P.O. Box 82, Hungary

Physical address in Budakeszi, Hungary

2092 Budakeszi, Telki út, hrsz 0178/9, Erdőgazdaság területén, Hungary

Please note that Google does not display the correct location when typing our physical address into Google Maps. When using Google Maps, search for “Dudok Progamhouse, Budakeszi” on Google Maps to find our office.

GPS coordinates: @47.523041,18.891013

Contact us

Phone: +36 23 453 830
Fax: +36 23 453 832

Office hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 5 pm
Friday: 9 am – 2 pm