Hunts for Charity, the CIC Trophy Evaluation System and Debunking the Myths: FeHoVa 2022

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The 28th FeHoVa Exhibition kicked off in Budapest, Hungary on 17 February, 2022. The four-day event will be dedicated to showcasing the environmental, scientific, cultural and entrepreneurial aspects related to the three core aspects of the exhibition: Hunting, Fishing and Weapons.

The CIC typically has a strong presence at the annual international exhibition, and this year is no different.

At the Opening Ceremony, Dr. Philipp Harmer, President of the CIC, gave a speech where he discussed the work of the CIC and the wider world of sustainable use.

Particular mention was given to the CIC’s focus on the services that hunting offers to society, with a special mention made to services such as: enhancing biodiversity, managing wildlife, providing nutrition and offering recreation.

  Dr. Philipp Harmer, Opening Ceremony

We are also delighted to announce that the Opening Ceremony was topped off with the live signing of a brand-new Cooperation Agreement between the CIC and the (Hungarian) National Hunting for Charity Organisation (OJV KNP Kft.).

The Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary (Zsolt Semjén) joined the CIC President, the CIC Director General (Tamás Marghescu), and the Director of the National Hunting for Charity Organisation (Fejes László) on stage to take part in this momentous occasion.

The National Hunting for Charity Organisation hosts charity hunts throughout Hungary, with the proceeds being used to purchase and donate medical materials and equipment to children’s hospitals.

As part of the new Cooperation Agreement, the CIC will assist the National Hunting for Charity Organisation in both promoting their activities and the widening of their geographical scope through the CIC Network.

Signing of the new Cooperation Agreement (Photo credits: Nimród Vadászújság / Márton Kókai)

Another significant program that took place at the Opening Ceremony was the presentation of the One with Nature (OWN) – World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition Badges of Honour, which were awarded to individuals that contributed towards the organisation of OWN which took place over September and October in Budapest last year.

The badges were presented by the Hungarian State Secretary for International Communications and Relations (Kovacz Zoltan), and introduced by the Deputy Editor in Chief of Nimród Magazine (Richárd Bors). The CIC Director General was the recipient of the Grade 1 Badge of Honour, the highest form of decoration available, for his professional and effective work in ensuring the success of OWN.

Presentation of the OWN Badge of Honour (Photo credits: Nimród Vadászújság / Márton Kókai)

Following the Opening Ceremony, the CIC hosted a main stage presentation on the CIC Trophy Evaluation System (TES), an international system created for monitoring and comparing hunting trophies from various species with species-specific, unified measurement parameters.

Imre Kovács, Certified CIC Measurer (CCM), took to the stage to give a talk on the history of the TES, the technical details related to measurement and its use in scientific pursuits.

A demonstration of the measuring process was conducted as part of the presentation, the end result of which was the awarding of the CIC Gold Medal to Dr. Philipp Harmer’s personal red stag trophy.

In addition to these live events, the CIC is hosting a stand as part of the exhibition, where visitors are able to learn about the organisation’s work in nature conservation.

As part of our activities there, the official Hungarian version of the Debunking the Myths brochure will be debuted for our visitors and partners.

The brochure, which is also available in English, takes a look at some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the topic of “trophy hunting”, while sharing substantiated truths on the merits of international hunting, underpinned by real-life examples and scientific data.

If you are in Budapest over the next three days, we would encourage you to visit us at FeHoVa (Pavilion A, HUNGEXPO Exhibition Center). For more information on the event, please head to