CIC Young Opinion Celebrates UN International Youth Day
12 August 2020

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Young Opinion of the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) would like to join our wildlife conservation colleagues in celebrating the United Nations International Youth Day.

The International Youth Day is an opportunity to celebrate and empower young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives. In order to move towards a more sustainable future, it is important to highlight global and significant efforts that look to enhance the engagement of young people in the field of wildlife conservation.

With people under the age of thirty representing a significant portion of the global population, Young Opinion comes together to celebrate the growing impact of youth in conservation efforts worldwide.

Given the current status of some of the world’s most endangered and iconic species being victims of unsustainable use and over-exploitation, it is becoming more important to educate and engage young people in decisions affecting the world’s wildlife.

It is essential to recognize the youth as a group of capable change makers, as they are the ones who are most likely to be affected by such changes in the future. Therefore, we believe it is crucial to raise awareness and cultivate the next generation of conservationists.  Key to that is education, which is needed to impart important information on wildlife and nature and, ultimately, stimulate passion on conservation.

Young Opinion stands for greater education, engagement and empowerment of young people in conservation. We encourage youth around the world to address ongoing major threats to wildlife, including habitat destruction, over-exploitation, poaching or illicit trafficking, and to promote the sustainable use of wildlife resources.

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